Astro Mu 5 Checklist

When I started this blog I intended it to cover 2 areas. Firstly, I wanted to let people know what I’m up to with my own toys. Secondly I wanted to talk a bit about things I like.

As it happens, for quite a while I have done neither. I do have good news coming up for those interested in seeing some new sculpts, but for now I’m going to concentrate on the second area. Inspirations.

For me Astro Mu 5 is one of the biggest. Oft regarded as bootlegs of Takara’s Henshin Cyborg, this line was in fact a hugely ambitious array of toys that included mechanised tanks, giant robots, and transparent plastic/ vinyl space heroes with sparkling metallic skeletons and hellishly original costumes.

This post is something of a work in progress, which seems apt, as an Astro Mu collection is something seemingly impossible to complete. Initially it will be a checklist, later with more photographs as I get round to finding images of them.


So to start this off,

The Checklist.


Astro Mu-5 Ultra Action Boy (nodder)

1. Ultra Earth (Boxed with record)

2. Gold Vena (Boxed with record)

3. Mars Man (Boxed with record)

4. Jupiros (Boxed with record)

5. Saturn Ace (Boxed with record)

6. Devil Bado (Boxed with record)

Astro Mu-5 Custom (Action Boy nodding mechanism, but also with missile firing arms. Costumes are not included.)

7. Ultra Earth (Blister Packed)

8. Gold Vena (Blister Packed)

9. Mars Man (Blister Packed)

10. Jupiros (Blister Packed)

11. Saturn Ace (Blister Packed)

12. Devil Bado (Blister Packed)

Astro Mu-5 Custom Henshin (Costumes for the missile firing Custom bodies included.)

13. Ultra Earth (Blister Packed)

14. Gold Vena (Blister Packed)

15. Mars Man (Blister Packed)

16. Jupiros (Blister Packed)

17. Saturn Ace (Blister Packed)

18. Devil Bado (Blister Packed)

Astro mu-5 mini figure with high speed Wave spaceship.

19. Wave 1.  Ultra Earth (Boxed)

20. Wave 2. Gold Vena (Boxed)

21. Wave 3. Mars Man (Boxed)

22. Wave 4. Jupiros (Boxed)

23. Wave 5. Saturn Ace (Boxed)

24.Wave 6. Devil Bado (Boxed)

Jumbo Capsule Robo G

25.a. Capsule Robo G. 62cm Jumbo robot. Comes with 2 mini sized villians. (Boxed)

25.b. Capsule Robo G. 62cm Jumbo robot. Comes with 2 mini sized villians. (Boxed) Variant screw type neck.

Capsule Robo G junior.

26.a. Capsule Robo G. 28cm  robot. Comes with 2 mini sized villians. (Boxed)

26.b. Capsule Robo G. 28cm  robot. Comes with 2 mini sized villians. (Boxed) Red Vinyl Variant.

Ultra large battle map (playset)

27. Astro Mu Playset. Contains: Large vinyl battlemap, 4 defensive barriers . 2 villains (type 3 and 4). Mini Sized Capsule G robo. 4 missile launchers + spare missiles. (Boxed)

Astro Mu-5 mini figure set.

28. Astro Mu mini set. Contains all 5 of the mini soft vinyl heroes, one villian, one missile launcher and spare missiles. (Blister Packed)


29.a. Muta-Z. Clockwork, sparking vehicle. Contains 2 villains. (Boxed).  Green.

29.b. Muta-Z. Clockwork, spark firing vehicle. Contains 2 villains. (Boxed).  Blue.

Muta-Z 2

30. Muta-Z 2. Clockwork, sparking, missile firing tank. Contains 3 villains and 5 missiles (Boxed).

Rocket Launcher

31. Rocket Launcher. Vehicle. Contains 8 vinyl tipped sculpted missiles, 2 villains. (Boxed)

Capsule Robo G Missile Hand

32. Capsule Robo G Missile Hand. Contains 5 vinyl tipped sculpted missiles, 2 villains. (Boxed)



So that’s a beginning. I’ll be adding pictures detailing the figures themselves, along with variants, so do check back now and then.

パチモンサミット 2010 冬 Patchworked monsters Summit 2010 Winter

Today was Pachimon Summit, possibly one of the most bizarre events of the Soft Vinyl calendar. For those not in the know, Patchworked Monster Summit is an underground (in more than one sense of the word) talk show focussing on bootleg kaiju toys and other ephemera. It’s held in the Loft +1, a basement bar in Shinjuku. 3 Japanese gents sit up on the stage showing off their bootleg discoveries on a big screen while the audience listens, eats cabbage and drinks beer. Interspacing the chat are costumed fights, YouTube videos (Poly Station 3?!?), old records and TV shows.

Frankenstein Aeroplane

After the chat show a is toy lottery where, for the lucky, all that beer, gyoza and nachos turns into a bonanza of exclusive unpainted and one-off toys. Otaku Heaven or Flipper’s delight, depending on the recipient.

When the lottery’s over the tables are swept away, the chairs are folded, and the Loft+1 is transformed into a basement Pachi Kaiju Market. No Godzilla, Darth Vader or Puricure 5 here, just 100% original goods from an eclectic mix of modern toy makers.

Figlab Table

Then that’s it, show’s over, time to go home!

Galaxy Villains

My most productive sketching time seems to be between Chigasaki and Fujisawa on the Tokaido line, with aliens drawn on receipts and on the bottom of crossword puzzles. The sketches are usually finished waaay before the crosswords are. Here are a few of those little rushed drawings, showing the next push in the Galaxy People line: the villains

.I’m half-finished sculpting the Space Pirate at the top, so a full reveal shouldn’t be too far off.