Galaxy People Releases for SUPER FESTIVAL 63

Galaxy People SuperFestival 63 releases!

Galaxy People SuperFestival 63 releases!

SuperFest 63 is just round the corner, and with it comes the next release from the ‘Galaxy People’. New Glow in the Dark editions of Helios, Meklops and The Grappler. Limited to only 5 each, left overs will go up in the web store after the event.

Super Festival is held at the Science Museum in Tokyo. 10:30am- 4:00pm  〒102-0091 東京都東京都千代田区北の丸公園2-1 Nearest stations are Kudanshita or Takebashi.

GID Helios



SDCC Schedule for the Galaxy People.

Don ‘Datadub’ Kratzer has posted the All Stars ComicCon schedule on  Fig-Lab-Log.  Galaxy People toys will be available during the All Star Bazaar Slot, but only while stocks last. Limited to only 5 each, both Drexyl- the ship’s cat and the Vesuvian Devil are priced at $35. Booth #4937.

GFS2011 – All Stars ComicCon Schedule

Thanks to Ralph Niese for this amazing illustration!

Thursday, July 21 2011

All Star Bazaar – Open – 2pm 
A smorgasbord of Global Figure goodness including mini minis from UAMOU, new Millennial Monsters from BloBpuS, Barbarians from Frenzy Bros., new aliens from Galaxy People  PLUS select goodies from the FIG-X.JP warehouse.
Team Europa – 2pm – close
The Tarantulas, Triclops & Bruno Orbit bring a touch of Continental Class to the Symposium.

Friday, July 22 2011

All Star Bazaar – Open – 1pm 
Return of the morning buffet of figure entrees.

Paul Kaiju – 1pm – 3pm
The West Coast Master of Monsters will hold forth with a cornucopia of his latest creations.
Suckadelic3pm – 5pm
The East Coast King of Bootleg Action Figures holds court with a bevy of hot Necromancer exclusives and sexy sidekicks.
Monster Worship – 5pm – 7pm
Newcomer to the Symposium – Monster Worship will be dropping new vinyl goodness from their All Star roster including Johnny Ryan, Jeff Lam and Mark Rudolph.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

All Star Bazaar – Open – 12pm 
Your first stop in the morning to tide you over for a long Saturday of Figure overload.

L’Amour Supreme & Fiends – 12pm – 2pm
Illustrator Provocateur L’Amour Supreme is bringing an All-Star entourage of artists to the table for 2 hours of creative chaos. Rumored yet unconfirmed names culled from the Twitosphere have included Skinner, Count Chocula, TWERPS, the Creature from Laguna Beach, COOP, and Beezelbub Jr.

Monstre Sean’s Resin Emporium – 2pm – 5pm
Monstre Hero and UHOH toys team up to bring us a crunchy selection of cutting edge Resin-based Figures

Vectar’s Saturday Night Special  – 5pm – 7pm
He’s Baaaack. Second tier toy villain crashes the Symposium to drop a glyos-compatible version of himself. He will be joined in his capers by SideKick Lab. It might get messy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011
The Final Battle: All Stars versus the End of Time

This years GFS is once again proudly hosted by Onell Design & Rawshark Studios.

パチモンサミット 2010 冬 Patchworked monsters Summit 2010 Winter

Today was Pachimon Summit, possibly one of the most bizarre events of the Soft Vinyl calendar. For those not in the know, Patchworked Monster Summit is an underground (in more than one sense of the word) talk show focussing on bootleg kaiju toys and other ephemera. It’s held in the Loft +1, a basement bar in Shinjuku. 3 Japanese gents sit up on the stage showing off their bootleg discoveries on a big screen while the audience listens, eats cabbage and drinks beer. Interspacing the chat are costumed fights, YouTube videos (Poly Station 3?!?), old records and TV shows.

Frankenstein Aeroplane

After the chat show a is toy lottery where, for the lucky, all that beer, gyoza and nachos turns into a bonanza of exclusive unpainted and one-off toys. Otaku Heaven or Flipper’s delight, depending on the recipient.

When the lottery’s over the tables are swept away, the chairs are folded, and the Loft+1 is transformed into a basement Pachi Kaiju Market. No Godzilla, Darth Vader or Puricure 5 here, just 100% original goods from an eclectic mix of modern toy makers.

Figlab Table

Then that’s it, show’s over, time to go home!