February 8th marks the commencement of ‘Dark Invasion’, as an eclectic mix of creatures descends upon Los Angeles’ TOY ART GALLERY (TAG).

Galaxy People will be joining a decidedly alien 3 week occupation alongside Devil’s Head Prod, Guumon, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Paul Kaiju and Scarecrowoven.  Expect limited runs, one-offs, toy debuts and old friends, this monsterous assault will not be one soon forgot.


A small taste of the offerings from Galaxy people.



Designer Festa 38

Yesterday’s set-up at Design Festa.  Turn-out was massive,  a huge thanks to all those who sought my booth out among the literally thousands of other exhibitors.



Below: a surprise swarming of Shirahama’s Kumons overwhelm Meklops.


Leftovers were limited, but for those interested there is a solitary Meklops up in the store now. Price ¥2500.


Galaxy People Releases for SUPER FESTIVAL 63

Galaxy People SuperFestival 63 releases!

Galaxy People SuperFestival 63 releases!

SuperFest 63 is just round the corner, and with it comes the next release from the ‘Galaxy People’. New Glow in the Dark editions of Helios, Meklops and The Grappler. Limited to only 5 each, left overs will go up in the web store after the event.

Super Festival is held at the Science Museum in Tokyo. 10:30am- 4:00pm  〒102-0091 東京都東京都千代田区北の丸公園2-1 Nearest stations are Kudanshita or Takebashi.

GID Helios