February 8th marks the commencement of ‘Dark Invasion’, as an eclectic mix of creatures descends upon Los Angeles’ TOY ART GALLERY (TAG).

Galaxy People will be joining a decidedly alien 3 week occupation alongside Devil’s Head Prod, Guumon, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Paul Kaiju and Scarecrowoven.  Expect limited runs, one-offs, toy debuts and old friends, this monsterous assault will not be one soon forgot.


A small taste of the offerings from Galaxy people.



パチモンサミット 2010 冬 Patchworked monsters Summit 2010 Winter

Today was Pachimon Summit, possibly one of the most bizarre events of the Soft Vinyl calendar. For those not in the know, Patchworked Monster Summit is an underground (in more than one sense of the word) talk show focussing on bootleg kaiju toys and other ephemera. It’s held in the Loft +1, a basement bar in Shinjuku. 3 Japanese gents sit up on the stage showing off their bootleg discoveries on a big screen while the audience listens, eats cabbage and drinks beer. Interspacing the chat are costumed fights, YouTube videos (Poly Station 3?!?), old records and TV shows.

Frankenstein Aeroplane

After the chat show a is toy lottery where, for the lucky, all that beer, gyoza and nachos turns into a bonanza of exclusive unpainted and one-off toys. Otaku Heaven or Flipper’s delight, depending on the recipient.

When the lottery’s over the tables are swept away, the chairs are folded, and the Loft+1 is transformed into a basement Pachi Kaiju Market. No Godzilla, Darth Vader or Puricure 5 here, just 100% original goods from an eclectic mix of modern toy makers.

Figlab Table

Then that’s it, show’s over, time to go home!